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General Questions

Do you ever work on an as-needed basis or do you prefer only large projects?

My goal is to make beautiful rooms accessible to as many homedwellers  as possible. Many people are DIY but they really appreciate professional guidance before they begin a project so that they can avoid costly mistakes. Sometimes the opposite is true and the clients time may be extremely limited. I will provide a few options and they confirm their preferences.

Various services and packages are available to accommodate your specific needs.


How Do You Charge?

Depending on what you would like to achieve, I offer individual and combined services to provide the ultimate solutions for you at the best value.

If you are overwhelmed with putting a whole room together and at a loss with where to begin, I would suggest an  In-Home Design Advice Consult where I can assess the space, clarify your dreams and goals, and provide you with a plan of action for the entire room.

You can decide how much help you would like in putting the plan into action. I offer various design services to address all of your needs.


How much can I expect to pay for custom window treatments?

Window treatments range from small, simple valances to long, elegant side panels in luxurious fabrics with all the trims and tassels. The cost varies widely according to your choices. For a 40" window, you can expect beginning price-points of $350. for a simply styled custom valance and $600. for a pair of side panels. Pricing includes fabric, lining, labor, and hardware. Always keep in mind that regardless of style or price, the single most important component that will never vary is the quality of the workmanship that you will receive from us. Attention to detail, fine workmanship and superior installation all work together to create a beautiful finished product.. 


Do you work with a specific style?

The majority of my clients prefer classic-contemporary to traditional. There is wide variation within those parameters and I love mixing styles to keep rooms interesting and unique. Classic looks have longevity, so it makes it worthwhile to purchase quality pieces. It’s always easy to add some updated punch by changing out some of the accessory pieces.


I’ve moved to a new home and I’m starting from scratch. Where do I begin?

Begin with a design consultation. We’ll develop an overall plan of action for your home and then you can take it step-by-step, one room at a time. You can decide which projects you need help with and move at your own pace. Before you know it, every room will feel like it's yours and you and your family will be able to love your "home" instead of your "house".