Why Stage Your Home Before Listing?

Unfortunately, with today's technology, you can lose the sale of your home with the click of a mouse! Staging is the best investment you can make.  Creating an environment that will stand out online and appeal to the greatest number of prospective buyers will generate showings which lead to a quicker and more profitable sale. Staging has become the norm in this competitive market and we want your home to make a great first and lasting impression.



  1. Consultation/Evaluation for DIY

    This is for the DIY client who would like professional advice so they can stage their own home. We will walk through your home and provide a plan of action for each room. You can take notes or choose the option of having a detailed report sent to you. 

    $250. - Areas up to 3,000 sq. ft. ($300. w/written report)

    $350. - Areas up to 6,000 sq. ft. ($425. w/written report)


  2. A Day of Staging!

     Let the experts do it right! Once you have completed cleaning and de-cluttering your rooms (let us know if you need help with de-cluttering), you are ready for us to stage your home for you. Using your furniture and accessories and our creativity and experience, we will professionally transform each room so that your home stands out from the rest. Staging usually involves a lot of editing of furniture and accessories to give a more spacious, open, and updated look. You will want each room to look its best so that every potential buyer can visualize themselves living there. Up to date furniture, accessories and plants are available for rent.

    $500. - Special "Done in a Day" Package. One expert designer...all day...all through the house!!!

    $750. - Special Package with One expert and one assistant.

    $350. - Half-day package with one expert designer.


    Vacant Properties

    Vacant properties appear abandoned and problematic, indicating that the homeowner was not able to sell it before moving on. The majority of potential buyers searching online will click to the next listing if there is no visual appeal. Let us coordinate the planning, selection, and installation of stylish rental furniture and accessories that will turn your home from "abandoned" to "well cared for and in move-in condition."



  3. Shopping Services

     If you would like us to select and purchase some new accessories, plants, bedding or linens specifically for you to own, we will determine the items necessary and provide a flat fee for the shopping service.



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