March 07th, 2013
Windows of Opportunity

Windows are one of the most important architectural features in your home and it's important to take full advantage of all the potential they have to offer. You may choose to leave some of the windows in your home uncovered and simply enjoy the view, but in most instances you'll seek a balance between filtering the sunlight and maintaining a little privacy. The perfect window coverings for your windows are both beautiful and functional but the decision making process can be daunting unless you're familiar with the basics.
There are two classifications of window coverings:    
Hard Treatments and  
Soft Treatments.
What is a hard treatment?

Hard treatments are factory-made window treatments: blinds, shades, and shutters. The truth is even though they're classified as such they're not always hard ( think pleated shades and sheer verticals). They are available in box stores in standard sizes and colors or they can be ordered in custom sizes to fit your specific window and in a variety of colors and finishes
to coordinate with your room.
Hard treatments can be used alone or as an under-treatment. New styles come out all the time and they provide varying degrees of privacy and light control, so they are generally chosen for both function and aesthetics. 
A few of today's most popular looks in hard window treatments for you to  consider are:
  •            Natural Woven Wood Blinds
  •            Solar Shades
  •            Wide Vertical Sliding Panels

           Plantation Shutters


What is a soft treatment?


Any window covering sewn from fabric is considered a soft treatment. Soft treatments can be used in combination with hard treatments to add color and softness or they can be used alone. Nothing adds personality and texture to a room the way fabric does.


 Ready-made soft treatments are available in many home stores and come in standard sizes with limited fabric selection but have the benefit of being very moderately priced.
Custom window treatments are designed and fabricated specifically to fit your windows and fabrics are chosen to enhance all the other features in your room. They are completely unique.


The fabric and trim choices are seemingly limitless and practically any style you dream up can be created.