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Design,ReDesign, and Home Staging Makeovers
If you're ready for a change and can’t figure out where to begin, a makeover consultation is the way to go. You will receive the expert guidance you need, from selecting your paint and fabrics to hanging your artwork. No need to wait any longer…time to get started and get it done! Start with a plan for one room, or map out a plan for the whole house.
Makeover Consultations are perfect for the DIY too...learn all the tricks of the trade and do the work yourself!


Space Planning/Furniture Placement
Great floor plans are the foundation of beautiful rooms. Alleviate stress and save yourself money by knowing exactly the furniture pieces you need, where to place them, and what sizes they should be. Professional floor plans showing all the furniture in your room, as well as all the dimensions, are the absolute best visual tool to take shopping with you. Have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Custom Window Treatments
Complete the unique look of your room and tie it all together by dressing up your windows with the perfect look and the perfect fit. We carry the latest in blinds and shades and with hundreds of fabrics and trims to choose from, your windows will have the style, fabric, and colors that will complement and enhance the rest of your décor. Let me take away your overwhelm by doing all the pre-selecting for you. I’ll present you with the very best choices to allow for easy decision-making.

Selection of Furniture and Accessories
Mixing textures, coordinating colors, and varying sizes are just some of the things that make a room unique and interesting while still functional. Attention to every detail will ensure that your room is comfortable, reflects your personality, and suits your lifestyle.

The quickest way to make a dramatic change to your room is with a spectacular paint color. Why waste time and money trying to select paint with  dozens of little 2" samples scotchtaped to your walls? Call for a paint consultation and you'll have your room redone in no time...and you'll love it!

Home Staging
Prepare your home for a successful sale in today’s competitive real estate market. Staging is an investment (not an expense) with an amazing return. Room by room guidance to the easiest and least expensive changes you can make in order to appeal to the greatest number

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of buyers. Remember, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Check out the options on the home staging page....Sold!

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